安城华人基督教会 Ann Arbor Chinese Christian Church, SBC


鉴于以上情况,我们邀请每一位教会的成员通过认捐的方法,在将来的3-5年筹备扩堂资金(认捐不包括每月一般奉献)。虽然认捐不是一个法律合同,但它仍然是一个对教会的庄严承诺,旨在支持教会的使命和需要。它帮助我们的领导团队进行财务规划,并审核会众对扩堂的支持。当扩堂工作进入筹划工地的阶段,花费也会随之迅速增长。因此,跟据扩堂计划和建筑上的进度,我们提出了一些认捐目标 :
1. 截至2020年12月31日,我们希望25% 的会众已交回认捐表,而且认捐金额达到13万。
2. 在向市政府提交建筑计划之前(2021年5月),我们希望所有会众能交回认捐表。
3. 截至破土动工时(2021年10月),认捐金额超过50万。
4. 在竣工前(2022年10月),认捐金额达到80万。
Kenneth Ho kennetho1991@gmail.com
Helios Leung heliosleung@hotmail.com
Charles Zhu zhulz48188@gmail.com
你们要先求他的国和他的义,这些东西都要加给你们了。— 太6:33

November 5, 2020
Dear brothers and sisters,
Praise the Lord. As we move ahead with the church expansion, the time has come to prepare financially for the project. Thanks to previous expansion efforts over ten years ago and the vision of brothers and sisters, we have already secured almost half of the funding for the expansion. The remaining need is about $800,000, which is roughly 3 times the annual general offering of our church. Meanwhile, the financial needs for normal church operation continues.
Therefore, in addition to the monthly general offering, we ask every one of our church family to make a pledge donation in order to raise the remaining fund over 3 to 5 years. While a pledge is not a legal contract, it is a solemn promise to our church community to support its mission and our common needs. It helps our leadership to plan financially and to gauge the congregation’s support for the expansion. As the planning work for the building moves into construction site preparation, expenses will also grow quickly. We therefore propose several pledging targets loosely coinciding with future planning and construction milestones:
1. By 12/31/2020, we hope to have 25% of our congregation return their pledge form, with at least $130K pledged.
2. By the submission of construction site plan to the City (May 2021), we hope to have 100% of congregation return their pledge form.
3. By groundbreaking (October 2021), at least $500K pledged.
4. By building completion (October 2022), $800K pledged.
Attached please find a booklet from Pastor Wong detailing the vision and rationale behind the expansion and a pledge form for your household. Please pray and decide, in addition to your regular offering, on the pledge amount and schedule, then return the form when ready. This is simply the first step of a long fundraising campaign. Many questions and decisions remain, but we trust that the Lord is with us along every step.
As I contemplate my own pledge, I remember the poor widow who donated her only remaining pennies at the temple. The Lord commended her because, although the money meager, her faith was great. Imagine what great things a congregation of “poor widows” can achieve!
Church Expansion Fundraising Committee
Kenneth Ho kennetho1991@gmail.com
Helios Leung heliosleung@hotmail.com
Charles Zhu zhulz48188@gmail.com


But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. — Matt 6:33

安城华人基督教会扩堂 筹款计划
AACCC Church Expansion Fundraising Plan
概念图 Concept Design

筹款计划 Fundraising Plan

常见问题解答  FAQ

1. 我应当何时奉献认捐的款项?
– 您可以在认捐当年的任何时间奉献。
– 若您对市政府是否会批准扩堂计画心存顾虑,可以在该计画被批准后捐款(预计2021年中)。

1. When should I donate the pledged amount?
– You can donate at any time during the year that you have pledged.
– If you have concern about the City’s approval of the expansion plan, you can donate after the plan has been approved. (Expected to be mid 2021).

2. 我如何奉献认捐的款项?
– 若使用支票,请在备注写上“扩堂”。
– 若网上奉献,请前往 http://www.aaccc.org/?page_id=11492,点击“choose your Designation”,在下拉式功能表中选择”Building Expansion”.

2. How do I donate the pledge amount?
– For checks, put “building expansion” in the memo.
– To donate online, go to http://www.aaccc.org/?page_id=11492. Select “building expansion” in your designation box.

3. 如果市政府不批准或者扩堂计画终止了,我还需要奉献认捐的款项吗?
– 如果扩堂计画终止了,您不必要奉献认捐的款项。
– 但是,您仍然可以为以后的扩建自由奉献。

3. If the City does not approve or the expansion plan is stopped, am I expected to donate the pledged amount?
– You are not obligated to donate the pledged amount if the expansion plan is stopped.
– However, you are still free to donate for future expansions.


弟兄姐妹若有什么其他问题,欢迎跟扩堂筹款委员会联络 buildingfund@aaccc.org
If brothers and sisters have any other question, please contact the church expansion fundraising committee buildingfund@aaccc.org