1960s: Ann Arbor Chinese Bible Study Group was established.
1981: Sunday service started in the summer. The gathering was moved to Packard Road Baptist Church.
1981-2: With the approval by the members, Ann Arbor Chinese Christian Church was founded.
1983: In January, the church joined Southern Baptist Convention, and invite Pastor Joshua Wong to became the first full-time Pastor of AACCC. Pastor Joshua Wong resigned in 1985.
1986: Pastor Jacob Lintang became the second Pastor of AACCC. Pastor Jacob Lintang resigned in 1988.
1989: Pastor Wah-Yiu Fu became the third Pastor of AACCC. Pastor Wah-Yiu Fu resigned in 1997.
1997: Meeting location was moved to First Baptist Church.
1997: Church purchased 8.3 Acres of land in north-east side of Ann Arbor to prepare building AACCC’s own church building.
1997: AACCC called Brother Brent Hoover to develop and expand English and Youth ministry in order to serve the 2nd generation Chinese Americans and those brothers, sisters and friends from English speaking countries in Asia. Brother Brent Hoover resigned in 2001.
1999: AACCC hired Pastor Andrew Teo as the 4th Pastor. Pastor Teo resigned in 2010.
2001: The first phase of church building was completed in April, 2001. In April, 2001, the church building dedication ceremony was held.
2002: AACCC hired Preacher James Chuang to the Patoral/Co-worker team. Pastoral Assistant Chuang resigned in 2003.
2005: Church Deacon Committee was established and the 1st Term deacons were nominated by congregation.
2006: Pastor Terry Smith was hired by AACCC to become English Pastor for the church. Pastor Terry Smith resigned in 2013.
2006: Pastor Ngiam Heng Goh was hired by AACCC to be Pastor for Caring Ministry. Pastor Goh resigned in 2009.
2009: Pastor Steve Calmes was hired to be the Youth Pastor for AACCC. Pastor Calmes resigned I 2013.
2013: Church hired Preacher Howard Yong to be AACCC’s Pastoral Assistant.
2013: Pastor Nathan Eda was hired to be AACCC’s Youth Pastor.
2015: The Church Organization transitioned to an organization consisting of Ministry team and core group.
2015: Church held the 1st whole church ministry team leader training.
2016: The new Church website is officially launched.