1)在教会网站  http://www.aaccc.org 首页,按“网上奉献”的按键,

2) 在教会网站首页,按菜单“聯絡我們”-》“網上奉獻”去奉献的网站,

3)你也可以直接用下面的链接去奉献的网站, http://www.aaccc.org/?page_id=11492


Online Giving

Dear Brothers and Sisters, now you can give donation to Church online.  You may choose one of the three methods below:

1) at the home page of Church’s website http://www.aaccc.org/?lang=en, click the button” Online Giving” ,

2) at the home page of Church’s website, click the menu “Contact Us” -> “Online Giving”

3) directly using the link below http://www.aaccc.org/?page_id=11492