1960s: Ann Arbor Chinese Bible Study Group was established.
1981: Sunday service started in the summer. The gathering was moved to Packard Road Baptist Church.
1981-2: With the approval of the members, Ann Arbor Chinese Christian Church was founded.
1983: In January, the church joined Southern Baptist Convention (Ann Arbor Chinese Christian Church, SBC), and invited Pastor Joshua Wong to become the first full-time Pastor of AACCC. Pastor Joshua Wong resigned in 1985.
1986: Pastor Jacob Lintang became the second Pastor of AACCC. Pastor Jacob Lintang resigned in 1988.
1989: Pastor Wah-Yiu Fu became the third Pastor of AACCC. Pastor Wah-Yiu Fu resigned in 1997.
1997: Meeting location was moved to First Baptist Church.
1997: Church purchased 8.3 Acres of land on the north-east side of Ann Arbor to prepare to build AACCC’s own church building.
1997: AACCC called Brother Brent Hoover to develop and expand English and Youth ministry in order to serve the 2nd generation Chinese Americans and those brothers, sisters, and friends from English-speaking countries in Asia. Brother Brent Hoover resigned in 2001.
1999: AACCC hired Pastor Andrew Teo as the 4th Pastor. Pastor Teo resigned in 2010.
2001: The first phase of church building was completed in April, 2001. In April, 2001, the church building dedication ceremony was held.
2002: AACCC hired Preacher James Chuang to the Pastoral/Co-worker team. Pastoral Assistant Chuang resigned in 2003.
2005: Church Deacon Committee was established and the 1st Term deacons were nominated by the congregation.
2006: Pastor Terry Smith was hired by AACCC to become an English Pastor for the church. Pastor Terry Smith resigned in 2013.
2006: Pastor Ngiam Heng Goh was hired by AACCC to be Pastor for Caring Ministry. Pastor Goh resigned in 2009.
2009: Pastor Steve Calmes was hired to be the Youth Pastor for AACCC. Pastor Calmes resigned in 2013.
2013: The church hired Preacher Howard Yong to be AACCC’s Pastoral Assistant.
2013: Pastor Nathan Eda was hired to be AACCC’s Youth Pastor.
2015: The Church Organization transitioned to an organization consisting of Ministry teams and core groups.
2015: Church held the 1st whole church ministry team leader training.
2016: The new Church website is officially launched.