Ann Arbor Chinese Christian Church is located on the North side of beautiful College town Ann Arbor, adjacent to the campus of University of Michigan. It is also close to Eastern Michigan University. Since the founding of AACCC in 1981, it has gradually grown from a student focused bible study group to a multi-culture church. Church members include many children, youth, students and scholars from all over the world, as well as professional working in various fields and many family elders who are visiting or already settled down. All of us together formed this great loving family. Through our weekly Sunday Worship, Prayer meeting, Children/Youth meeting and Adult Sunday School as well as Fellowship meetings in different languages (Chinese, Cantonese and English), we are seeking truth, sharing life and experiencing God’s love together. This has enabled us to grow in faith and live a life like Jesus. In everyday life, not only do we laugh together when joyful, cry together when in sorrow, carry our burdens together when facing challenge, but also studying and sharing the truth and experience each one has on friendship, marriage and parent-children relationships. In church, brothers and sisters serve together in various ministry teams according to each person’s talents and burden to spread Gospel. Propelled by the love of Jesus, our greatest wish is to share this great love and grace from our God, so more people will be saved, and more life will be changed. We hope to become light and salt in this Ann Arbor college town, and blessings to the community and people.