English Congregation

Vision: Our vision is to see a multi-cultural English speaking congregation glorifying God by following all that He has commanded and loving others more than ourselves.

Strategy: Our strategy is to share the good news of Jesus and try to answer questions that a skeptic might have concerning Christianity and Jesus.

Details: Please join us on Sundays between 11:15 AM – 12:15 PM for Discovery Hour to learn more about how Christianity is different from other religions and why there are so many denominations in Christianity.

Mission: Connecting people with God and others through:
• Worship
• Instruction
• Fellowship
• Expression


We believe that true worship—the kind that captures people’s hearts and turns their full attention to the living Lord—is an essential component of every growing, effective Christian life.

Our Sunday morning worship services provides an opportunity to participate in a joyous, inspiring, and moving time of glorifying our Lord. Through music, prayer, and relevant teaching from the Bible, we seek to exalt the Father, lift up the name of His Son, and allow the Spirit to move in our hearts.
We enjoy a variety of music styles at our church, ranging from the great hymns of our Christian heritage to the stirring new songs of our faith. Each Sunday morning offers a chance for us to immerse ourselves in the music and respond to the amazing truths set forth in the lyrics.

And the cornerstone of each worship service is our focus on the Word of God. Pastor teaches from the Bible in a way that is instructive, inspiring, and always insightful, providing principles to take home and apply to our daily lives.

From the time we are young children all the way through our “golden years,” we all need to be taught. And God’s Word, the Bible, provides the inexhaustible source of information we need for living and maturing as disciples of Christ.

Our church offers a variety of opportunities to engage in relevant biblical instruction, from pastor’s preaching during Sunday morning worship services, to in-depth Bible study in the Sunday School Program. People of all backgrounds and age groups will find opportunities to pursue a deepening knowledge of God and His instruction for life.

We know that a growing, effective Christian life doesn’t happen in isolation. It happens through meaningful relationships with others. Like Proverbs 27:17 says, “As iron sharpens iron, a friend sharpens a friend.”

The word “fellowship” is translated from the Greek word that means “common.” When we talk about fellowship at our church, we are talking about sharing mutually in one another’s lives. This is a place where people care for one another, weep with one another, and rejoice with one another.

Whether you’re single or married, young or old, our church has a fellowship for you to connect with others, develop friendships, be encouraged, and grow in your faith.

We are a people motivated to reach out to others and demonstrate the love of Christ through word and deed. Following Christ’s example, we desire to consider others as more important than ourselves, not merely looking out for our own needs, but for the needs of others.

Every person at our church has the opportunity to contribute and serve in ways that best utilize his or her God-given gifts. The options for involvement are many and varied. Perhaps your calling is to teach children during a Sunday morning children’s class, or maybe it’s to share God’s love and truth in Asia. Perhaps you are gifted in music and would like to sing in the praise team or choir, or maybe you feel led to serve as a greeter, welcoming people to the church.

Whatever your gifts, you will find ways to express your love for the Lord and His working in your life at our church.